Years’ experience: 18 years of experience with more than 1000 live performances

First concert attended: The first concert I saved my money and purchased tickets for was the KTCL Big Adventure featuring 3’11”, Incubus, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Violent-Femms, Silverchair (One of the only performances in North America to date), Lo-Fi All-Stars, The Hippos and others.

Favorite song: Right now, I still really like the Jackie Chan Remix from Post Malone and Tiesto but Travis Scott is also crushing it right now. 

Talent that no one knows about you: When I’m not Dj’ing I enjoy going to shows and supporting local music, sports, fixing things, playing Xbox (uniqthret303) and eating amazing food.

Favorite part of your job (as a DJ/Emcee): I love every aspect of what I get to do as a DJ but my favorite is to see the hard work that is put in translate to people having a great time on the dance floor. I have also had the opportunity to share the stage with some of my favorite bands and groups over the years at some great venues.